Our Committees

Committees have responsibility to help grow the organization and execute its events and initiatives.

Education Committee

This committee has oversight and responsibility of the coordination of all REBB Continuing Education credit hours and submitting desired classes to the Real Estate commission for approval.

Membership Committee

The main function of this committee is to maintain and grow the membership of the organization. The committee actively seeks ideas for retaining current members and increasing membership within the organization.

Sponsorship Committee*

The purpose of this committee is to assist in keeping the organization financially sound. This Committee reaches out to a host of potential sponsors to provide in-kind or monetary resources to undergird the workshops, training sessions, general meetings and other initiatives.

Events/Fundraising Committee*

This committee is responsible for coordination activities for planning and executing all social, networking, and fundraising events for the organization.

Legislative Committee

This committee is tasked with providing real estate related information regarding the law at the federal, state and local levels. In some cases, the organization comes together as a collective force to lobby for the rights of its constituents.